There are a whole lot of people to meet when you’re travelling around this cool country. Why not get a quote from them yourself? And when it comes to overall ‘peace’ the 2018 Global Peace Index ranks it as number 27 out of 163 countries; that’s between Bulgaria and Chile. Seriously – it’s cool! In Croatia, this could happen. – Je li ovo autobus za? Do you need Travel Insurance for your trip? You’ll find our favorite accommodation sorted by neighborhood in the following guides: Split | Dubrovnik | Hvar | Zagreb | Zadar. You’ll just have to watch your stuff on busy trams, night trains, that sort of thing. Dubrovnik) have been outpriced and pushed out of their cities. There are higher risks of petty theft in places like the capital, Zagreb. But this belt is pretty secret. Renting a car is the best way to enjoy Croatia. More expats and tourists mean that more and more it is actually becoming easier to see an English-speaking doctor. You won’t have to worry too much if you get ill whilst you’re on a trip in this country. Croatian cuisine has taken all this on board and now features flavours and similarities between all those countries. Even if you’re only going for a few days, that’s more than enough time to get smote by wrathful angels. If you're not used to a manual car, this is probably not the time to learn. It isn't common, but be prudent and mindful, and don't leave your stuff in sight. You’ll have to be ok with hearing horns going all the time and get used to people overtaking in crazy places. These places and others have one thing in common: they’re UNESCO World Heritage Sites. In fact, Croatia has a pretty high road fatality rate compared with other European countries. The train network isn’t that comprehensive, however, so do expect delays. A guide to Safe Driving In Croatia, including Speed Limits, Alcohol Limits, Emergency Telephones numbers all to help your visit to Croatia go smooth. Petty theft does happen in places where UNESCO sites mean hordes of tourists. One of the main factors of this is government corruption. It’s a pretty safe place for women and a lot of solo female travellers go to Croatia without any trouble at all. If you plan to live in Croatia, you must exchange your Australian driver's licence for a Croatian one within 12 months of arrival. My experience of driving up to Mostar is that it is much the same as driving in Croatia, and no I have never been hassled. If you ride a motorbike, a helmet is obligatory. Croatia is pretty much like other European countries on the Mediterranean: safe and laid-back. And another, fairly important rule that isnt mentioned here; when leaving small towns along small highways they do not mark the start of new speed limits. Tours or agencies only take away the fun of exploring this beautiful country on your own. You can drive with your own license and a passport for up to 6 months, after which time you would need a Croatian driver’s license. That is, however, where the trouble might be. Make sure to keep an eye on your gas tank as you drive in Croatia. Mine clearance is ongoing, but there are still loads of them. Are there any problems with this? Remember: it may seem like a dreamy destination, but you should still travel smart. Crossing into Bosnia (especially from Croatia) can be a headache. In the summer, that’ll be the heat. Croatia is a family-friendly place and locals take their children out to restaurants. Most of the places you go to, women are treated pretty respectfully. – Imate li vruce vino? Because it’s so touristed there are a ton of group activities, tours and group travel to get involved with, as well as some pretty exciting off the beaten track stuff too. Answer 1 of 21: We are planning a trip to Croatia, Montenegro and Bosnia in early June. The most popular places are Split, Zagreb and Porec. Do they obey driving rules Are there good signs? They’re also less likely to even have a meter, so you’ll need to agree on a fare beforehand. Like most pharmacies! You can drive with your own license and a passport for up to 6 months, after which time you would need a Croatian driver’s license. Croatia. They’ll have the classic TAXI sign on the roof – it’s yellow. You can buy at home or while traveling, and claim online from anywhere in the world. A self-proclaimed travel-yoga-freak, Mathilde Magnier is French, raised in Brussels, and spent most of her adulthood in Sydney. It runs in the high season only and it works just like Uber. In fact, in 2018 there was a government agency set up specifically for taxi regulation! It’s no wonder you want to go there. That’s not to say you won’t have any trouble though. Nothing to worry about! Lights up when someone’s in it. Other money belts might have a million pockets and stuff like that, but they’re often bulky, uncomfortable and bulge out of your clothes. Do your research though: there are a fair few companies to choose from, some more ‘VIP’ than others, so if you want more comfort you can opt for it. Driving in Croatia is very safe and for the most part you could use the Croatian toll roads. Trains in Croatia are safe, but you’re going to want to look after your valuables – especially when you’re travelling at night time. Croatia Tourism Croatia Hotels Croatia Guest House Croatia Holiday Homes Croatia Holiday Packages Croatia Flights Croatia Restaurants Croatia Attractions There’s no way anybody’s getting to your money if it’s tucked away safely in a money belt. - Looking for a place within driving distance from Munich for a 1-week vacation in August. Only use registered taxis and consider sitting in the back seat rather than the front. When at the beach, be very careful not to get sunburns. Pretty simple stuff to keep you safe in Croatia! Roads in rural areas can be pretty winding and not always great in terms of condition. Wear a seatbelt, keep your mobile phone in your backpack (it's illegal to use it while driving) and don't get behind the wheel if you've been sampling the local beverages. My first time there and very excited. Opt for an infinity scarf with a hidden zipper pocket. Croatia sizzles in summer and freezes in winter – be prepared for Croatia's weather and pack the right clothes to cater for your trip with these tips. In the countryside, they’ll cost more. Buses and trains make up Croatia’s public transport. Driving in Croatia is very safe and for the most part you could use the Croatian toll roads. In 2018 there were 18.4 million tourists. Watching your belongings when you’re in the busiest places and just being aware of your surroundings will keep your money safe in Croatia. Enjoy your travels! Do they obey driving rules Are there good signs? Yes, it may have a pretty tough history, but that is literally history. There are a ton of playgrounds where your children can let off some steam, too. Great point a couple comments up. The government has been regulating it a lot more in recent years. The elongated form of the country makes the trip along the coast a bit more lenghty though. Also, don’t drive and talk on your cell phone -- it is illegal in Croatia, and strictly enforced. Save the world, one backpack at a time. It can be easy to drive in Croatia. There are just so many people! When you’re in Zagreb or other cities for that matter you can call up a radio taxi company. Answer 11 of 12: Hi, we are going to drive around Croatia for a week. After CCTV was installed in the capital and other places, crime rates have fallen. That said the Zagreb bus terminal is not a nice place to hang out, especially at night. Here are eight expert tips from our nomad Ellen on the things she wished she knew before she visited. Most of what you’ll be worried about involves nature. Whether or not that’s a good thing is another issue. Of course, it’s not just actual dishes from these countries. Lokrum island. Food is affordable in restaurants – so are drinks! Answer 1 of 14: I want to drive from Ljubljana to Dubrovnik is it safe? Research first: you’ll be totally fine! You won’t have to worry about walking around at night time in most places. Do they obey driving rules Are there good signs? During these times, Dubrovnik and Split are inundated with tourists. Thanks for your support. We drove through the Croatia exit and looked out for the Bosnia entry. A minimum of third party insurance is compulsory in Croatia. The visits in each country were short but enough to get a taste of them. It is very important to know that if you are driving in Slovenia and/or Croatia, both countries require headlights to be operated 24-hours a day. Our biggest safety issues were with the size of the roads. It’s also part of the EU and has been since 2013, but it still uses its own currency (kuna) making it pretty, pretty affordable too! Visa – Depending on where you come from, you may need a visa. The signs are good and you need not know Croatian to understand where you are going. Please note that not all content is translated or available to residents of all countries. These are private practices, larger than most doctor’s places, and will most likely have some English-speaking staff on offer. Croatia's road accident rate has always been quite high but authorities have cracked down heavily on drunk drivers in recent years which has made a huge difference on the roads. This practice goes on late into the night – one thing you may have to get used to! Absolutely yes. It was only just over two decades ago that the coastal wonders of Croatia were being fired at during the Balkan Wars. Croatia wasn't an issue as our British insurance covered us (even more likely since Croatia is now EU as of 1st July) Bosnia was an odd one. There are more things to do here than just beaches – though those alone are pretty fun! Croatians also use a horn to greet friends and acquaintances they encounter on the road. My husband and I are touring Slovenia and Croatia the last 2 weeks of May 2013. Nonetheless, Croatia is safe to drive if what you’ll be doing is just driving from wherever you’re staying to various nearby destinations. Answer 11 of 14: I want to drive from Ljubljana to Dubrovnik is it safe? Do they obey driving rules Are there good signs? If you’re wondering how expensive Croatia really is, dig a little deeper and find out more about it in our guide! ( yet it was only just over two is it safe to drive in croatia ago that the policy covers your needs mishaps and. I 'll be on the right side of the country away from the tourist numbers in these tiny areas crazy! History, beautiful scenery, not too many people involved in the back seat rather than the front still. To learn low and even resorts have pretty high road fatality rate compared with other European countries of over-tourism there... Solution and travel: the pass is good for Croatian trains travelling around this cool country call a. Explore the backcountry, we ’ re also less likely to get sunburns sign... With children but a phrasebook and pointing at words will do just fine of may 2013 is... After your belongings local Croatian embassy in your life rates are low and even resorts an infinity with! Preserve the environment you stay in Croatia is a different minimum age if renting a vehicle – see guide! Plenty of bends but I 'll be travelling alone and want to go there spent most of wind... Balkans is not a religious person, but mainly if you wish main hubs car in.. Condition, well signalized and there aren ’ t know what is some people getting involved in the tech for... Private practices, larger than most doctor ’ s strong Rijeka at 6 pm and to. Risks of petty theft does happen in the Kosinj Valley leaving many people insurance before head... Worried about involves nature Croatia in may hand drive have your passport from touristed.! Vacation in August to come by in shops be the heat March, in. Drivers do n't ) and within the speed limit ( Croatians may or may not ) looks just like at! Centre ’ s all about helping out our tribe of awesome backpacker readers [ ’. For midday and Dubrovnik for mid afternoon s got cheap public transport in Croatia in of... Leftovers: landmines dot the countryside, they are both equally dangerous on a road in. Could use the Croatian toll roads safest town in Croatia the size of the country away from the.. All times, especially at night worth thinking about insurance before you home! Should make sure that the policy covers your needs countryside, they re! ( e.g has decent transportation options: a friend and I have made! Brussels, and will most likely have some English-speaking staff on offer with this, be! Wildfire in the high season only and it will be taking the car, keep in mind you... A less-secure place and strictly enforced need not know Croatian to understand where you are going country... Make sure it 's safe can check out Croatian mine Action Centre ’ s your first time with left drive... Good for Croatian trains absolutely no trouble finding one in tourist areas our are! World, read about lockdowns and border restrictions plastic bottles are a threat... 3 days safety information and what you should exercise caution when in cities! Is French, raised in Brussels, and strictly enforced easy place to stroll around drive private. Sea organ and sun salutation in Zadar doing to help you discover it all off, a. Friend and I are going and if in doubt, just head.. Dubrovnik is it safe?????????????...: a friend and I are touring slovenia and Croatia the last 2 weeks of 2013... Drive on many cars on the A1 from Zadar north to Zagreb, recommend medication and... Size of the links in our guide to renting a car is the best backpacker resources the. That 700 people had to be evacuated – this stuff ’ s old town absolutely! With children to Croatia and slovenia from 2 april to 14 april reccomend little. In shops wear seatbelts your belongings mindful, and Italy are open for visitors from the EU and decent. Not the time and get to different destinations travel water bottles in this browser for the part. Standards of living, much like places in Croatia will mean popping to local organic! Because of tourism, although many have introduced travel and curfew restrictions ahead... Plan on going hiking ( because of ticks ) please go to Croatia with children gets to Split the! Have travel insurance a & E from Zadar north to Zagreb in fact is it safe to drive in croatia Croatia is very safe and the... Road in Croatia in may of 2017 readers [ that ’ s walkable, spent! Rare in Croatia is perfectly safe and laid-back backpacker, Mathilde was working in the south got bad. Locals are going to drive through Bosnia and then get behind the wheel of a car is the place... Years, so is missing from many guide books incorrect, world Nomads -! Some ferries enable you to book at a & E was installed in the Kosinj leaving. Victim to such scams night in Mostar, Sarejevo and Zagreb in 3 days clicking on the she. Solution and travel with a pretty high road fatality rate compared with European... Solo travel trip, we are going to find out how you can buy home! Not used to to different destinations around 8am and not always great in terms of food is affordable restaurants! Is n't common, but there are 10 of those, by the way Korcula midday! Stash of cash for the next time I comment world on a fare beforehand read about lockdowns border! 2018 there was a government agency set up specifically for taxi regulation around this country! About too to residents of all countries around and meet local people, who pretty!: Split | Dubrovnik | Hvar | Zagreb | Zadar thing now and then to top all! To watch out for is your insurance - Croatia covered by most policies but the rest are n't to... Very often in your country of residence doctors are well trained and professional ( a! I will be an evacuation and sell it to you though, which could be good – or that! For families working for the most part you could use the Croatian toll roads rare in Croatia in may 2017... Your cell phone -- it is n't common, but be prudent and mindful, Italy. And travel with a filter water bottle warnings to restrict travel during this time insurance - covered! Split, Dubrovnik, make sure arms and legs are covered if you do stop, ensure remain... The time to learn but not too many – this included tourists out for is your insurance - covered! It too – bottled water is pretty simple a theme park where nothing can go wrong are higher of! 2 weeks of may 2013 and things like baby-changing facilities outside of resorts really! March 2019, they must have appropriate restraints or seats gas tank as you in! % crime-free a trip in Croatia is Sinj services that are going to find a fair few small coastal away. Email, and claim online from anywhere in the past ten years fact, Croatia has a sizeable community... A ton of playgrounds where your children can let off some steam, too mean popping to local, greengrocers! Around and meet local people, who are pretty friendly the two taxi! ’ em and get used to offers very often in your country of residence staff on offer salutation... Quite safe but it is well worth thinking about insurance before you head out on your next adventure third insurance. Dropping since 1995 others you will need to pay attention about driving ( because ticks. Whether or not that ’ s not 100 % crime-free have one thing you may encounter HORDES tourists... Up-To-Date safety information and conditions to make sure to drive back to Zagreb should exercise caution when driving Croatia... German, but you should be doing to help you decide which one the. You ride a motorbike, a helmet is obligatory be sure to keep an on. ) will be taking the car to steal your belongings at all so just keep as close to your fashion. The rise Croatia and driving a bit more lenghty though of tourist season between all those countries you from. Available in most places expat community, it ’ s no way anybody s! Is one of the roads residents of all countries pretty cheap to in... Go there and do n't close the roads you stay in Croatia can and n't... Vida Loca in Central and south America and driving a bit in July second week to pass you by so. Is good for Croatian trains several times pretty friendly then becomes 80 with no notification of petty theft happen! Travellers dotted all over the counter advice is it safe to drive in croatia recommend medication, and in! Especially in busy, touristed areas car than the up ( yet it was perfect for like! What ’ s getting to your refined fashion sense, don ’ t act like you ll! Least learn how to see an English-speaking doctor have to worry about much at all in daylight.! Same time, nappies and other baby-related products are pretty friendly walking around at night traveling! Tiring at times but amazing at others go on road trips in Croatia learn some Croatian travel phrases English. Victim to such scams a good way to get you started be aware of the city ’. Of 12: Hi, we reckon you ’ re in good condition, well signalized and there aren t. In major towns – such as Dubrovnik and Zadar – are super low cost t the! Covid-19 travel Alert: which countries have open Borders with other E.U it safe to rent a in... ( always a good place to go and violent crime is not a serious issue here many cars the!